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Cairan Pengeras Beton, Cairan Hardener Pentra

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Pack. & Delivery:18,9 liter pail
Origin:United States

Use Pentra liquid floor hardener to create High Performance Industrial Concrete Floor Treatment – Creates a stronger, more impenetrable and more durable finish that is also better looking, dust-proof and resistant to staining and deterioration.

Pentra-Sil NL Concrete Hardener, Sealer, Densifier is formulated to increase the overall integrity, strength and life expectancy of concrete surfaces— making your floors cleaner, safer and better looking. The floor treatment provides long-term protection against dusting, abrasion, harsh chemicals, efflorescence, alkalinity and waterborne contaminants that cause staining and deterioration. Nano Lithium also creates an environment that is less susceptible to the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

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